A man and a woman have oral sex and intercourse against a wall outside a building, and another man and woman are watching them from afar, copying their actions.

A man chases a woman to a playground, where she hides in a tunnel. He follows her into the tunnel, and she proceeds to masturbate before him. Full nudity occurs.

A man and a woman have oral sex and intercourse in the man's living room.

A woman enters a man's bedroom, and he carries her to his bed and gives her oral sex. While the woman receives oral sex, there are scenes showing the couple dancing in the bedroom, the woman has a top on but the man is completely naked.

A man is on a bed with a woman, they are on their knees. The man pushes the woman so that she is bending over, and he slides down her panties. They have anal sex.

A man gets out of bed, completely naked, no frontal nudity, but rear is seen several times.

A woman takes a man to her apartment and they have sexual intercourse on a couch. The man then masturbates.

A woman is shown giving a man oral sex.

A woman and another woman are sitting on a couch, and one woman turns the television on, then a scene from a porn movie is shown.

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